Reports of an UFO from Nashville, TN and east

Update: They now have pics

There have been reports of a Large ball of Light that has been seen in Knoxville, TN; Etowah, TN; Oak Ridge, TN; Kingston, TN and Nashville, TN.  I am calling this an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) because it has not been identified yet if it ever will be. 

The people reporting these are upstanding Citizens and not your normal kooks that report this. They are seeing something and none of these people are saying it’s extraterrestrial. Something I do believe in whole heartedly. 

I saw something that couldn’t be identified as a kid in full disclosure in broad daylight it was octagon shape and flying really fast. But, back to this incident. If anyone has pictures of this object or could Identify it please email me at

If anyone can help out with what it is please email me at 


Author: livewithgary

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