Pill mill in Knoxville goes after me personally

I am a proponent against Opiod Addiction and feel that these pill mills should be outlawed and Shutdown. Now you gotta remember I’m a Southern Man and us Southerners no matter the race are very protective of our mothers. Well the Neuro Pain Clinic in Knoxville went too far. 

When I mentioned that they are a pill mill and they make money from addicts they sent me this message.

A real business that really attacks people on low levels are real pieces of Shit. I personally don’t mind being called a Hillbilly and I sure in the hell don’t mind being called a Moron but attacking my Mother is low. My mom passed at the age of 69 in 2007. So instead of reporting on a Pill Mill I am taking this personally and I will work to shut them down. 

If you or anyone you know went to this Clinic and you or your loved one got addicted email me at livewithgary@gmail.com and I will with your help shut this place down. I am looking for people to flood their phone lines. Keep them busy for the next month. If you are willing to go in and get me hidden camera video of them giving you medicine when you don’t need it.

I will pay $50 per hidden camera footage. What I need is their sign on the Video and proof that they are giving you medicine that is not needed for an injury that you don’t have. Email the footage to livewithgary@gmail.com. 

“Dr.” Workman is the medical director that is responsible for this pill mill. If you want to help disrupt this business you can flood their phone line by calling +1 865-862-0763 or if you want to protest this pill mill their address is 110-c perimeter park drive, Knoxville, TN. Once I get back into Knoxville next month I will be shooting video from here. I will be on public property while shooting to avoid trespassing charges.


Author: livewithgary

a Conservative Blogger that blogs about Politics or Whatever

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