My Review of McDonads at the Pilot in Tyler, TX

Texas is my favorite state by far. I like it so well I am looking at moving here now with that said. I am going to share my experience at the McDonald’s inside of the Pilot in Tyler, TX. As I write this review I am still in here using their Wi-Fi. 

Let me get the positives out of the way

  • It’s clean
  • Well lit
  • Free Wi-Fi 

That’s where I end it. Now the bad.

  1. Had to wait 10 minutes on a double qtr with cheese 
  2. While waiting 6 employees were Trump bashing
  3. The Foreigner behind me got his order out before the evil white man.
  4. When my order came up after 10 minutes and I’m the only one in the store. I am still asked if I was the double qtr. I looked around like I dunno this place is packed
  5. Saw a guy come in and bring one of them big ass water jugs and fill it up with ice and coke employees actually turned their backs to him
  6. One door leading into the Pilot was closed and the other halfway.
  7. Employees cursing while on the front line
  8.  Employees voluntarily talking about having sex in the cooler.

This place I don’t think I will ever visit again.

My Review of Days Inn on Fern Valley Rd. Louisville, Kentucky 

I do nitpick but I expect a decent value for my buck. This place is a decent value if you want to operate a meth house, whore house or are hiding from the Police. When I pulled in I had to park my semi in the back not too bad of an issue. I walked back up to the desk to check in and in between the time I parked and got back to the front there was a car accident and the Police already on the scene. This tells me one of two things. Either the neighborhood is that bad or Louisville Police Department has the fastest response time in the Country.

I went to check in and what normally takes a few minutes took about 20 minutes. I went to get me some water from the water thingy they had next to the front desk. It obviously hadn’t been refilled because it is as dry as the Sahara. I finally got my room number. I had to walk to a second building and up some wooden steps that was making the awefulest of sounds as I climbed them. I got to my room and there was the most awful musky smell. There was a crowd gathered in the parking lot. 

Once upon entering my non smoking room. I noticed the walls were dingy yellow. I am 6’3″ and could stand flat footed and touch the ceiling. I also found the sign below.

I would like to think this was a joke but at the front counter they do have a sign that says they add $50 to your card for any cost that you might incur. I’m curious as to how many actually read the sign. The Clock in my room was way off and someone had set the alarm and it went off in the middle of the night. This is a double room and only enough towels for one person. The walls are either paper thin or the morons that stay here are talking too loud or both. Sorry folks I don’t wanna hear your conversation. 

Saturday the noise started early the same idiots leaving. The lack of sleep I had on Friday night caught up with me on Saturday afternoon and I fell asleep. I did notice on those rickety old stairs there’s a chandelier hanging from the small roof over just a swaying my first thought i hope it don’t fall. It will kill anyone on the stairs or if it sways left or right do some serious damage to some cars. I did move my semi to where I can see it from my room.

I did miss the continental breakfast this morning I’ll try to hit it in the morning where ever it is. I had to print off a form for the IRS this places public printer didn’t work. The lady at the front desk told me to email it to her and I did and she did print it for me. I will add more to this daily as it is an ongoing review.

This Cockroach was found on my shower curtain.

My Review of Quality Inn and Suites in Greenfield, IN

I rate this as a very good hotel. I have been here for 2 days and they have been nothing but professional. They have a decent pool and an ok fitness center. My first day here breakfast consisted of Yogurt, waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage links, Danishes, muffins, toast, cereal and Fruit.  This morning it consisted off yogurt, boiled eggs, waffles, biscuit and gravy, an egg and cheese omelet, toast, Danish, muffins, cereal and Fruit.

The only issue was the front desk guy on 2nd shift. He wasn’t rude or nothing just no personality.

Racist Liberal that Supports Theft and Murder

I was reading a friends comment on the Juice getting paroled. I am personally neutral on this point because I am so tired of Athletes literally getting away with Murder. Now I do have Respect for his on the Field skills but as a human he’s  a piece of shit.  But let’s get back to this douchebag and his douchebaggery.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen his name is Tiggy Domz and I guarantee he’s a basic bitch nothing Dominant about him. I bet he couldn’t even Dominate his mom’s basement where he lives.

As you can already see this Liberal is definitely anti American. Anyone that hates our Independence Day is Definitely Anti-American. He Probably is Flying the ISIS flag at his house.

The above post shows his intelligence saying that OJs ex had it coming to her. Sorry Douchebag but she nor any innocent person deserves to die. You claim to be a liberal but you support murder oh wait her death is ok because a knife was used and it doesn’t support the Anti Liberal cause. 

They the victims in Vegas didn’t steal anything. They bought it at an auction because OJ lost it in the Civil Suit. The only thief was OJ that held people at Gun point.

Pill mill in Knoxville goes after me personally

I am a proponent against Opiod Addiction and feel that these pill mills should be outlawed and Shutdown. Now you gotta remember I’m a Southern Man and us Southerners no matter the race are very protective of our mothers. Well the Neuro Pain Clinic in Knoxville went too far. 

When I mentioned that they are a pill mill and they make money from addicts they sent me this message.

A real business that really attacks people on low levels are real pieces of Shit. I personally don’t mind being called a Hillbilly and I sure in the hell don’t mind being called a Moron but attacking my Mother is low. My mom passed at the age of 69 in 2007. So instead of reporting on a Pill Mill I am taking this personally and I will work to shut them down. 

If you or anyone you know went to this Clinic and you or your loved one got addicted email me at and I will with your help shut this place down. I am looking for people to flood their phone lines. Keep them busy for the next month. If you are willing to go in and get me hidden camera video of them giving you medicine when you don’t need it.

I will pay $50 per hidden camera footage. What I need is their sign on the Video and proof that they are giving you medicine that is not needed for an injury that you don’t have. Email the footage to 

“Dr.” Workman is the medical director that is responsible for this pill mill. If you want to help disrupt this business you can flood their phone line by calling +1 865-862-0763 or if you want to protest this pill mill their address is 110-c perimeter park drive, Knoxville, TN. Once I get back into Knoxville next month I will be shooting video from here. I will be on public property while shooting to avoid trespassing charges.

Solutions to cure Homeless epidemic

I got into an Argument on Facebook to help cure the homeless epidemic in America I will break it down below.

1) Build a Career Center inside of Homeless Missions.

2) Have the places that house Homeless work with Companies to put homeless people to work.

3) have the same places have some kind of Addiction and Psychiatric counseling

4) We need to take care of our Mentally ill. We need better trained psychologist that can actually treat the condition instead of just throwing medicine at it. Force insurance companies to let hospitals keep them longer than a week

5) We need to make sure our veterans are taken care of better after departing the Military. 

6) you liberals need to quit blocking trumps work policies and see if his economic plans can work we all know Barry’s didn’t.

7) Force Kids to take economic, Finance and Bugeting classes from Middle School on up.

These are 7 Steps to help cure the homeless epidemic.

As Always leave your comments below 

Reports of an UFO from Nashville, TN and east

Update: They now have pics

There have been reports of a Large ball of Light that has been seen in Knoxville, TN; Etowah, TN; Oak Ridge, TN; Kingston, TN and Nashville, TN.  I am calling this an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) because it has not been identified yet if it ever will be. 

The people reporting these are upstanding Citizens and not your normal kooks that report this. They are seeing something and none of these people are saying it’s extraterrestrial. Something I do believe in whole heartedly. 

I saw something that couldn’t be identified as a kid in full disclosure in broad daylight it was octagon shape and flying really fast. But, back to this incident. If anyone has pictures of this object or could Identify it please email me at

If anyone can help out with what it is please email me at