What happened to equal enforcement of the laws?

Knoxville Police Department does not offer equal enforcement of the Laws. Now let me say I do back the blue but doing this I can be totally impartial. I do understand the stress that Police Officers go through and not all are like that and misuse their authority I only account for those to be less than 5%. I do put the Blame where it lays on the upper echelon, the Knoxville City Council and The City of Knoxville Mayors office.

Today, I am only discussing 3 laws that’s on the books and either not enforced or enforced in one segment of the population verses other area of the city. The first is the No Plate Light Ordinance. This is an asinine law that is a catch all in the inner city. So minisqual that the State laws don’t even have it. It is used as PC to perform a traffic stop to catch a more serious Traffic Violation. They (Knoxville Police Department) uses this ordinance to target the inner city while you go into other areas of the City and this is not as enforced as it is in the inner city.

The Second is because we have the 4th of July coming up and the City of Knoxville has an Ordinance to ban the use of Fireworks and offers a fine. In 17 years of living here I have never seen anyone cited nor have I seen Knoxville Police Department even respond to issues of Fireworks in the Inner City. They might respond to them in other parts of the City. So, why is this law even on the books if they aren’t even going to enforce it? Why not make it legal and just let it go as that.

I suggest the Knoxville City Council and The Knoxville Mayors office to take a look at these matters and pull all citations issued the past 10 years and look at the statistics and see what laws are being upheld equally, which ones are targets for a reason to perform a traffic stop and which ones need to be done away with. Can any member of the City council tell me the last time they visited the City Ordinance?


Kroger Pharmacy Refuses to fill a life saving medicine

Kroger Pharmacy located at 4918 Kingston Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee has refused to honor their agreement to fill and Deliver a lifesaving drug to a Knoxville woman. On June 30, 2017 the Kroger Pharmacy Refused to fill the medication and to deliver it as was agreed. The Knoxville Woman called the Pharmacy when the Pharmacy employee answered the phone said that it was not put out for Delivery. 

When asked why the lifesaving Medicine was not put out for Delivery the Pharmacy accused the patient of not asking for Delivery. When this patient has asked them to deliver the medication four times this week and it was allegedly put onto her file for it to be delivered every time she has medication filled there. It was not done. Once she was transferred to the Pharmacist he accused this customer at cursing at them when in fact that was a lie. She did however call that pharmacy incompetent which you will see proof of later on in this Article when I discuss missing drugs at this Pharmacy. 

Calling someone incompetent however is not cursing it is making an observation but again this is the I need a safe room generation where making observations and criticizing them is not allowed. In an attempt to defuse the situation she handed the phone to her husband for him to discuss this with the Pharmacist. Once the husband spoke the Pharmacist goes off on the husband for being on the line. When the husband asked the Pharmacist to please shut up so he could get a word in the Pharmacist hung up on him. Not a very professional move on the part of the Pharmacist nor is it good customer service and shows the Pharmacist was in the wrong or he would not be afraid to be confronted by a cooler head.

At this point the Husband decided to speak with a Manager at the store and after a lengthy hold spoke to Mr. FOSTER. At which time Mr. Foster without hearing the Full story automatically defended the Pharmacist and put the Blame onto the customer. While the husband was on the phone with Mr. Foster the wife went into a seizure due to the stress and Mr. Foster chuckled.  I do believe this story because I have had other complaints about this particular pharmacy.

One of the stories I have heard about this Pharmacy is that an order was called in and they told the customer had it in stock and it would be ready the next day. Once it was to be picked up the Pharmacy said the computer said it was in stock but they had none. This was a controlled Substance that obviously they had no control of. Which indicates that either someone was negligent in doing their job or they have an employee using. Either way this Pharmacist should be terminated for the simple fact he can’t perform his job adequately.  Until then and Krogers contact Live with Gary with an acceptable solution. We are requesting an all out Boycott on all Krogers nationwide and for you to flood the phones on this one to request Justice. Their phone number is +1 865-584-0201 if you have any issues like this please email livewithgary@gmail.com

Attention Trump Haters and Muslims! Trump has your back.

President Trump again with Class has reinforced that Liberals and Muslims have the Freedoms of the 1st Amendment. Our President is making sure you are not discriminated at the Federal Level for your religious views and that you can say what you want (within reason) politically. No Kathy Griffin it does not excuse you!

Read the Executive Order Here

President Trump expands Apprenticeship Programs

We know that college isn’t for everyone and the Liberal Mainstream Media will not showcase the Great Policies that our President is endorsing to help Make America Great Again! Expanding our Apprenticeship Programs is great and will help these kids that want to go into a trade instead of Traditional College let’s face facts people not everyone is cut out for college but this opens up Jobs for every American out there. Great Job Mr. President 

Click here to View the Executive Order on Expanding Apprenticeship Programs

Travel “Ban” is on says SCOTUS 

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that the Travel “Ban” is Constituional and they will hear the Case when they return from Summer Break in late October. Sounds like the Supreme Court doesn’t want to hear this case. Because the Justice’s knows the Case is utter and Complete Bullshit!

The alleged ban is in fact a Temporary halt to these known Terrorist Countries. Which in Simple terms it halts immigration from these 7 countries for a period of 90 days so we can overhaul the vetting process. It is as simple as that. It is not an Agenda against Muslims or non of that Jazz.

Hate Crime or Freedom of Speech?

I have no Issue with Charging these people that put bacon in the Quran, handcuffing it and setting it on Fire but, the Supreme Court saw a similar case and called it Freedom of Speech. Yes I am talking about burning the US Flag and stepping on it. That action should be a hate crime since those that are burning and stepping on the flag of our country is fueled by hatred of this country. Let’s get equal protection of the laws.

Proof Potheads are Violent Racist

Well as anyone that knows me knows that I am anti-racism, anti-drugs and Pro-gun but, this pot head takes thing’s too far.

Let’s start providing proof he is a pot head.

As you can see his own words says he is.

If you look at the highlighted portion he drops the N word when he is talking about Nigerian Scammers.

Now look at this excerpt where he talks about getting hit in the head with an egg and talks about shooting them. I am pro gun but anti stupidity and ladies and Gentlemen Bo Vitatoe is stupid. Let me explain the old city to you. The old City is an area in Knoxville just east of downtown that is strewn with bars and the Greyhound bus station. So the odds this douchebag was drunk and so I assume the egg throwers were too. Now to shoot someone for throwing eggs is pretty stupid.  What’s your thoughts as always leave your comments.