Solutions to cure Homeless epidemic

I got into an Argument on Facebook to help cure the homeless epidemic in America I will break it down below.

1) Build a Career Center inside of Homeless Missions.

2) Have the places that house Homeless work with Companies to put homeless people to work.

3) have the same places have some kind of Addiction and Psychiatric counseling

4) We need to take care of our Mentally ill. We need better trained psychologist that can actually treat the condition instead of just throwing medicine at it. Force insurance companies to let hospitals keep them longer than a week

5) We need to make sure our veterans are taken care of better after departing the Military. 

6) you liberals need to quit blocking trumps work policies and see if his economic plans can work we all know Barry’s didn’t.

7) Force Kids to take economic, Finance and Bugeting classes from Middle School on up.

These are 7 Steps to help cure the homeless epidemic.

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Attention Trump Haters and Muslims! Trump has your back.

President Trump again with Class has reinforced that Liberals and Muslims have the Freedoms of the 1st Amendment. Our President is making sure you are not discriminated at the Federal Level for your religious views and that you can say what you want (within reason) politically. No Kathy Griffin it does not excuse you!

Read the Executive Order Here

President Trump expands Apprenticeship Programs

We know that college isn’t for everyone and the Liberal Mainstream Media will not showcase the Great Policies that our President is endorsing to help Make America Great Again! Expanding our Apprenticeship Programs is great and will help these kids that want to go into a trade instead of Traditional College let’s face facts people not everyone is cut out for college but this opens up Jobs for every American out there. Great Job Mr. President 

Click here to View the Executive Order on Expanding Apprenticeship Programs