Why didn’t Barack Obama do anything about Russia hacking the Votes?

“The Obama administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY?” Trump asked followers on his personal Twitter account.”
Mr. President I can answer that question for you as simply as possible and that is it didn’t fit his Agenda. I know you are saying what is Barry Sorteros Agenda that my friends is simple. It is whatever lines his pockets. You notice how quickly those guns got into the cartels hands in the Fast and the furious scandal. It is because the Cartels gave Mr. Sortero what we shall call a finders fee and I believe that was on Washington’s Mafia Boss Hillary Rodham Clinton’s bathroom server.

Mr. Sorteros doesn’t know if she has proof or not on all his financial windfalls while he was in office or not. Mr. Sorteros is the reason Mr. Comey never filed charges against Hillary Rodham Clinton and it is because I feel that herself and slick Willie are holding the proof on paper now let’s get back onto topic.

Mr. Sorteros had Russia hack into the Voting polls when he realized that Hillary was going to lose in an attempt to Impeach President Trump to help Hillary retain the White House through a legal coup by setting up President Trump and key members of his staff.


We need to hold these Celebrities feet to the fire.

These Celebrities said the would leave the Country if Donald Trump got elected it is June of 2017 he got elected in November 2016 it is time that he held these Celebrities Accountable for their words or be deported to a Country of our Choice.

Bryan Cranston since you have no clue as where to go. Either you leave the United States like you said you would or we will more than likely send you to Afghanistan. 

Samuel L. Jackson it’s time for you to pack your bags and move to South Africa.

Lena Dunham Canada is calling for you to move there.

Neve Campbell it’s time for you to learn Oh Canada!

Cher when are you moving to Jupiter it’s time to liquidate.

Miley Cyrus get out like you said you would.

Barbara Streisand Canada or Australia is calling.

Ne-Yo I hope you like hockey when are you moving.

Amy Schumer se Espanol when are you moving to Spain.

Chelsea Handler I vote for you to go to Syria

Jon Stewart I hope you bought your rocket

Whoopi Goldberg I vote for you to go to North Korea

Keegan-michael Key it’s time for you to move to Canada. 

George Lopez I thought you was moving to Mexico.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg it’s time for you to move to New Zealand. 

Al Sharpton it’s time for you to move like you said you would. Since your an alleged reverent then you know lying is a sin so pony up and move.

Raven-symone it’s for for you to be it’s So Canada.

Barry Diller since you can’t make up your mind let’s choose North Korea for you. Pack your bags.

Chloe Sevigny it’s time for u to move to Nova Scotia.

Natasha Lyonne it’s time for you to move into a mental hospital.

Eddie Griffin when are you moving to Africa.

Amber Rose since you can’t make up your mind we vote you to move to Iran.

Oman Hardwick have fun in Italy.

Unless y’all are liers then your bags at a Minimum should be packed and ticket bought if you haven’t already moved which none of y’all have. I also encourage President Trump if they aren’t gone to revoke their Citizenship and Deport them immediately and if they leave on their own not to allow them back into the country and revoke their Citizenship.