Racist Liberal that Supports Theft and Murder

I was reading a friends comment on the Juice getting paroled. I am personally neutral on this point because I am so tired of Athletes literally getting away with Murder. Now I do have Respect for his on the Field skills but as a human he’s  a piece of shit.  But let’s get back to this douchebag and his douchebaggery.

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen his name is Tiggy Domz and I guarantee he’s a basic bitch nothing Dominant about him. I bet he couldn’t even Dominate his mom’s basement where he lives.

As you can already see this Liberal is definitely anti American. Anyone that hates our Independence Day is Definitely Anti-American. He Probably is Flying the ISIS flag at his house.

The above post shows his intelligence saying that OJs ex had it coming to her. Sorry Douchebag but she nor any innocent person deserves to die. You claim to be a liberal but you support murder oh wait her death is ok because a knife was used and it doesn’t support the Anti Liberal cause. 

They the victims in Vegas didn’t steal anything. They bought it at an auction because OJ lost it in the Civil Suit. The only thief was OJ that held people at Gun point.