My Review of Days Inn on Fern Valley Rd. Louisville, Kentucky 

I do nitpick but I expect a decent value for my buck. This place is a decent value if you want to operate a meth house, whore house or are hiding from the Police. When I pulled in I had to park my semi in the back not too bad of an issue. I walked back up to the desk to check in and in between the time I parked and got back to the front there was a car accident and the Police already on the scene. This tells me one of two things. Either the neighborhood is that bad or Louisville Police Department has the fastest response time in the Country.

I went to check in and what normally takes a few minutes took about 20 minutes. I went to get me some water from the water thingy they had next to the front desk. It obviously hadn’t been refilled because it is as dry as the Sahara. I finally got my room number. I had to walk to a second building and up some wooden steps that was making the awefulest of sounds as I climbed them. I got to my room and there was the most awful musky smell. There was a crowd gathered in the parking lot. 

Once upon entering my non smoking room. I noticed the walls were dingy yellow. I am 6’3″ and could stand flat footed and touch the ceiling. I also found the sign below.

I would like to think this was a joke but at the front counter they do have a sign that says they add $50 to your card for any cost that you might incur. I’m curious as to how many actually read the sign. The Clock in my room was way off and someone had set the alarm and it went off in the middle of the night. This is a double room and only enough towels for one person. The walls are either paper thin or the morons that stay here are talking too loud or both. Sorry folks I don’t wanna hear your conversation. 

Saturday the noise started early the same idiots leaving. The lack of sleep I had on Friday night caught up with me on Saturday afternoon and I fell asleep. I did notice on those rickety old stairs there’s a chandelier hanging from the small roof over just a swaying my first thought i hope it don’t fall. It will kill anyone on the stairs or if it sways left or right do some serious damage to some cars. I did move my semi to where I can see it from my room.

I did miss the continental breakfast this morning I’ll try to hit it in the morning where ever it is. I had to print off a form for the IRS this places public printer didn’t work. The lady at the front desk told me to email it to her and I did and she did print it for me. I will add more to this daily as it is an ongoing review.

This Cockroach was found on my shower curtain.