My Review of McDonads at the Pilot in Tyler, TX

Texas is my favorite state by far. I like it so well I am looking at moving here now with that said. I am going to share my experience at the McDonald’s inside of the Pilot in Tyler, TX. As I write this review I am still in here using their Wi-Fi. 

Let me get the positives out of the way

  • It’s clean
  • Well lit
  • Free Wi-Fi 

That’s where I end it. Now the bad.

  1. Had to wait 10 minutes on a double qtr with cheese 
  2. While waiting 6 employees were Trump bashing
  3. The Foreigner behind me got his order out before the evil white man.
  4. When my order came up after 10 minutes and I’m the only one in the store. I am still asked if I was the double qtr. I looked around like I dunno this place is packed
  5. Saw a guy come in and bring one of them big ass water jugs and fill it up with ice and coke employees actually turned their backs to him
  6. One door leading into the Pilot was closed and the other halfway.
  7. Employees cursing while on the front line
  8.  Employees voluntarily talking about having sex in the cooler.

This place I don’t think I will ever visit again.